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December 18, 2019 

Dear Parents/Guardians, 

Regular attendance and being on time to school is an integral part of your child's overall school success. When your child is absent, they not only miss important academic instruction when it is initially presented, it also prevents participation is classroom discussions, group work, Social/Emotional lessons and making friends. There is a possibility of increased stress when walking into a classroom where instruction has already begun or from having to constantly catch up with schoolwork that was missed

We understand there are circumstances that may prevent your child from attending school or contribute to tardiness. However, it is vital that you communicate with us if your child will be absent from school or late. Please refer to the attached revised Attendance Policy for procedures on reporting absences and what is considered an "Excused Absence" and an “Unexcused Absence." 

Please contact me or your child's School Counselor with questions about the revised policy or if you need support with attendance or tardiness. 


Neil Battad
Mauka Lani Elementary School
(808) 305-8800 

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