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Educating Children for the Future

Principal's Message

August 2017


Aloha Parents and/or Guardians:


As we return back to school, I would like to thank Mr. Shinkawa for his dedication and service to the Mauka Lani Elementary School ‘ohana as well as congratulate him on his new leadership role as the principal of Kapolei High School.


I would also like to take this opportunity to briefly introduce myself.  My name is Sam Izumi and I am a proud product of Hawai`i’s public school system—I am a graduate of Moanalua High School and the University of Hawai`i at Manoa. 


Please know that it is truly an honor for me to be joining the Mauka Lani Elementary School ‘ohana as your principal.  Prior to beginning my tenure as a principal, I was a teacher for eleven years and a vice-principal at Kahuku Elementary School.  I then continued to serve the Ko’olauloa community as the principal of Hau’ula Elementary School (2009-2014) and Kahuku Elementary School (2014-2016).  More recently, I served as the Complex Academic Officer for the Castle-Kahuku Complex Area where I coordinated Complex Area initiatives and supported school improvement efforts. 


Please know that my goal as the principal of Mauka Lani Elementary School will be to perpetuate the successes and accomplishments of Mauka Lani Elementary and to support our students so they can achieve and find success as we prepare them with the foundations to be college and career ready.  My hope is that every student at Mauka Lani Elementary School will continue to have positive learning experiences as we work as a team to sustain high academic standards and ensure student growth. 


Although I have spent my entire career within the Castle-Kahuku Complex Area, please know that I am very excited to be at Mauka Lani Elementary School and am dedicated to doing what is best for our students.  We will be champions for our students and their learning while making EXCELLENCE a habit on our campus.  I look forward to working with all of you as well as celebrating the achievements of our students together.


Should you have any questions, please feel free to ask or call me at 305-8800.


Mahalo for your support,



Sam Izumi


The 4R's listed below help Mauka Lani students "Be Champions (for themselves, their peers, and their learning) well as Make EXCELLENCE a Habit."


  • I can do my best
  • I will not give up
  • I can be a good sport

  • I can use strategies (stop, think, act, and reflect)
  • I can seek help when I need it
  • I can solve problems
  • I can make good choices
  • I can use my own thoughts
  • I can get the materials and resources I need

  • I can keep my hands and feet to myself
  • I can take care and use my things the right way
  • I can seek help when I need it
  • I can be prepared
  • I can pay attention and listen
  • I can make good choices
  • I can follow directions
  • I can get my work done on time
  • I can do quality work

  • I can greet others
  • I can keep my hands and feet to myself
  • I can use appropriate language
  • I can share
  • I can take turns
  • I can listen quietly